Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

Our living room becomes a dark corner in our house whenever the sun goes down. It has huge windows which the sun brings a lot of light in, but that’s just during the day. At night it’s rather difficult to find the remote to the TV. We needed a solution.

This became a difficult task because the wife and I completely disagreed on lamp styles. She likes the more artsy, curvy, vintage look where I like something more modern with strait lines and a minimalist design. We went back and forth and couldn’t agree on anything… until my great idea.

Why not just get some LED’s for the back of the TV? (okay okay, it was my wife’s idea. She gets the credit on this one)


It’s the perfect amount of light for the living room and plugs directly to one of the USB ports on the TV. The lights are powered depending on when the TV is powered on. The only issue I ran into was that the sticky tape would unstick from the back of the TV (probably from the TV getting warm while in use?) The solution was simple. Super glue! Until, of course, when I have to replace the LED strip if and when the LED’s go bad. I hope they last a very long time. Everything is hidden behind the TV and it looks amazing. #cableManagementRules

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