Solar Eclipse Event

Solar Eclipse Event

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 was pretty cool. My wife went and cut out viewers from cereal boxes for our kids. While we didn’t experience totality, it did make things look weird. The way the sun was being blocked, the air died down a bit, there was no noise, the trees and plants looked fake. Everything felt so strange. So many people took pictures of the eclipse but I think NASA got the best picture of the event.

Apparently from our location, the amount of sunlight we received was equivalent to what Saturn and Jupiter experience in full sunlight. You can check out what yours was like here.

While my wife was making viewers for the little ones, I decided to make one for myself. I figured old DVD’s were transparent enough to see the sun so I taped them to a pair of old sun glasses. Don’t do what I did. It probably wasn’t safe. While I was able to see the sun slightly, it was very blurry and dark. So I used it twice.  One for testing purposes and the other for my wife’s laughing fit-facebook post.

How was your experience?

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