UFO over Mexico?

UFO over Mexico?

Okay everyone, get your tinfoil hats on. Last week, after going through my morning routine, I turned on my computer to log in to work. I went on Windy.com to check the weather, which is what I do every morning. This is when something extremely strange caught my eye. Hope you are sitting down!

I immediately started saving pictures of this thing and tweeted them to my local meteorologist to get his take on this. He had no idea what it was. Umm… what? 😲

I did check the next day and it wasn’t there. It may seem like just a glitch on RADAR but what is very disturbing is that this thing is actually spinning when it appears.

I’m not saying it’s aliens, but it damn sure looks like aliens. It looks like some sort of alien ship rotating over Guanajuato, Mexico. This has gotten a lot of attention on Reddit and Twitter. Some are saying that it’s just a glitch and that it’s showing interference from another, nearby RADAR tower. While this may certainly be true, the only thing that makes me believe that it’s not a glitch is the fact that this thing is outside of the RADAR scan bubbles.

Glitches are common as some can be seen near India. And these do in fact look like RADAR glitches. But that’s just it… random blocked glitches, not rotating circular blips..

This has happened before in the past and Mexico has reported on it. As reported by the Houston Chronicle, according to a Mexican news program, “UFOs may be causing vortexes to appear on weather radars.” Here is a video posted in 2016.

Others have chimed in with ideas of what might be causing it. As Twitter user @Jayoung1969 points out, the anomaly is directly above the Mayan Pyramids of Teothuacan and may be some kind of energy being channeled through the complex labyrinths below.

Maybe it’s aliens, maybe it’s some sort of top secret government air vehicle being tested over Mexico or maybe it IS just a glitch? What do you guys think?

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