Updated Rig!

Updated Rig!

What’s up guys n gals?! Check out my Battlestation! I’m quite proud and fond of it. I’ve added a third monitor, some back lighting and themed everything to be blue. My wife was very hesitant in getting a third monitor but now, she can’t go back. She now understands the importance of screen real estate in regard to work flow. One window for Spotify, one for emails and the other for Photoshop and Premier Pro with a side of internet for research please!

Is it a problem that I want to add more to this beast? Maybe a mic stand so that I can start recording some gaming sessions? A webcam?

When playing some Elite Dangerous, I break out my HOTAS controls, grab my custom-made center menu console and I am fully immersed in this fantastic space game. I use all three monitors for dizzying effects. I’m not lying, I get dizzy sometimes when trying to avoid lasers being shot at me.

What should I add next? Maybe a TV above for some Netflix while I work? Let me know below.

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