Frank - Wilmington NC

Who I Am

I go by the name Frank, and I've embraced the online persona VyporX since 1998. My fascination with technology and its engineering aspects has been a constant in my life. I take pleasure in dissecting things to uncover their inner workings. When not engrossed in work, you'll find me with my family, immersed in tech tinkering, updating home servers and computers, crafting blog posts, or engaging in gaming sessions. On stormy days, I indulge in Netflix documentaries, draw on my iPad, or create music tracks for my runs. Flying my drone for enjoyment and capturing epic shots for wallpapers is also a favorite pastime.

I'm a devoted Marvel Comics enthusiast, with Spider-Man holding the top spot as my all-time favorite hero. Pizza and coffee are my comfort foods, and I've recently taken up working out for better health. Recording and editing videos has become a hobby as well.

Passion for Tech

Being technically savvy has always defined me. The intrigue of computers led me to self-teach coding in various languages and undertake the challenge of disassembling and reassembling computers. Formal education in computer hardware, software, and electrical applications followed. I constantly seek to repurpose old tech into IoT devices, earning me the endearing nickname from my wife - the "broke Iron Man." I take it as a compliment. 🤣

My ultimate goal is to establish a fully sustainable energy source for my home, acquire an electric vehicle (eyeing Tesla's), and develop Iron Man-inspired military suits complete with a heads-up display, built-in breathing apparatus, sensors, cameras, FLIR, night vision capabilities, and lightweight yet protective armor. I have sketches and schematics ready for 3-D printing, aiming to create a prototype soon.

Skills Snapshot

As a web developer, I've successfully launched an e-commerce website boasting over 2k products, generating $2 million in revenue. I've also crafted static websites for various local companies.

In the realm of computer engineering, I've researched, designed, and built powerful computer forensic workstations tailored for law enforcement and government agencies, adhering to their specific needs and budget constraints.

As the sole in-house IT manager at my previous job, I oversaw servers, printers, workstations, and phone applications. My accomplishments included laying multiple CAT6 lines in the warehouse, facilitating the company's migration to Office 365, implementing cost-saving switches in VOIP phone services, and setting up workstations for all users. Additionally, I earned a reputation for data recovery expertise.

tl;dr? I'm a comic geek, 90's nerd, tech-savvy, music lovin, PC gaming, coffee drinking computer engineer with a hint of artistic abilities.