Custom PC Builds

Needing a workstation built for your business? A powerful custom build for media rendering? A gaming rig to conquer the battlefield? Or maybe you need something to run Crysis? I can help.

I have experience building custom workstations for law enforcement and government agencies across the globe with multiple custom configurations. I can also build out storage towers for clients who need storage solutions like Photographers/Videographers/Media Artists/etc

The Building Process is simple, I just have a few questions...

    • What do you need this workstation for?

    • What work will you be doing on it? (this information is needed for the buildout)

    • What is your budget?

Computer build times depend on component availability. I can have a system spec'd out and ready for approval from you. Once approved, the purchasing of the components are done as soon as possible.

I will notify you when the parts are received in and begin the PC build. Once completed, I will bring it over to you and can assist in setting it up if needed.

Some of my builds and setups

Pricing Options

Total cost of the build will be due prior to component ordering. I will purchase all components that we have discussed and signed off on after receiving payment.

Starter PC Build

$600 - $1k

  • 1 256GB SSD
  • 16GB RAM
  • Choice of CPU
  • 600W PSU
  • Mid to Lower end GPU
  • Budget friendly PC case
  • OS installed and ready to go!

Pro PC Build

$1k - $6k

  • M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Extra Storage Drives
  • Choice of CPU
  • 1000W PSU
  • High end GPU
  • High Quality Case
  • OS installed and ready to go!

Complete PC Setup!

$6,000 +-

  • Computer build
  • Complete cable management
  • Multi monitor setup on mounts
  • LED backlighting behind desk/ monitors
  • Payment gateway setup
* 15% of the total build cost will be added for labor.
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